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Kefir Garden
Evelyn is the voice heard on all of Kefir Garden’s videos, the one who writes those little notes to all of their customers, and the one who loves to answer all of their emails. But before Kefir Garden, she was a mom and a wife who was unknowingly and helplessly watching her family suffer from gut imbalance.

A Hard Road
When her twin girls, Elsie and Kate, were just two they had already suffered from years of lactose intolerance and were developing reactions to their only source of calcium, rice milk. They tried and had reactions to soy and nut milk, and rice milk seemed to be their last chance. The girls desperately needed the calcium and the doctors were concerned. Simultaneously, her husband Andy was dealing with severe bloating and acid reflux. He would be in so much pain that he couldn’t eat or even drink water. He would be awake all night in pain wondering what was going on. They didn’t know that the girls’ sensitivities and her husband’s issues were connected.

Finding Kefir
In their research into milk alternatives for the girls, they discovered kefir as a way of removing lactose from milk. With nothing to lose they purchased their first kefir grains and hoped for the best. Surprisingly, where lactose-free milk, yogurt, and rice milk failed, kefir thrived. Elsie and Kate were able to drink kefir and their rashes went away. Also very unexpectedly, they were able to handle more and more lactose in their diets.

After seeing the benefits for the girls, Andy wanted to try kefir because they suspected that he had severe Candida overgrowth. Since homemade kefir is one of the most potent sources of probiotics you can take—and probiotics have been shown to fight Candida—they decided to give it another shot.

Drinking homemade kefir was like setting a bomb off inside Andy’s body. Because he drank a very large quantity of kefir the first time he tried it, he had detox symptoms immediately from the Candida dying—but they were prepared for it. What they were not prepared for was the miraculous recovery from his severe acid reflux and bloating.

Eventually, the Candida would come back and Andy would drink kefir to resolve it. This became a vicious cycle. It wasn’t until they discovered that inflammation in the body creates the perfect environment for Candida to proliferate did they started to see lasting changes.

Today, Andy doesn’t suffer from Candida overgrowth anymore.

Hopeful Reflections
Kefir isn’t a magic bullet but they believe it should be a powerful component of everyone’s diet. After experiencing their changes they knew they couldn’t keep kefir grains to themselves. Kefir Garden was born to share their love and joy of these little powerful kefir grains. Now every day their family enjoys delicious kefir smoothies as they prepare their little baby kefir grains to be shipped to their new homes.

As Evelyn reflects back on all of the hardships her family faced she is nothing but grateful for those difficult times. Without those hard days, she wouldn’t be able to help others now. She doesn’t want anyone to experience what she went through, but if they are, she wants Kefir Garden to be there to help them through it.



Evelyn, Kefir Garden