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Comes with a generous 1/4 cup of water kefir grains to get you started.  Will produce close to 1 liter of water kefir.  Your quick-start guide comes with a variety of options to help stimulate your unique flavor combinations!

Our water kefir grains are carefully grown and selected.  We want each customer to have wonderful experiences creating their own bubbly probiotic drinks!  This is why we know the value of a good foundation!  We use the best ingredients we can source in growing our kefir grains 🙂

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👋 Welcome to our shop!

We are very passionate about our customers and improving their gut health!

We started our business because our kefir grains healed our twin daughters' severe lactose intolerance and my husband's horrible candida overgrowth. We firmly believe in kefir's ability to heal your gut, and we want all of our customers to experience this change as well! 🥰

Over the years, we have heard the wonderful stories of our customers venturing out and learning more about their bodies, gut health, and restoring their vitality. We feel very humbled that we were able to play such a small role in their great journey. We are grateful that you would consider our little kefir grains as well. 💗


What is water kefir?

Water kefir is a probiotic beverage made from sugar, water, and water kefir grains.  The beneficial bacteria and yeasts consume the sugar and leave a splendid, slightly tart, yet sweet drink that is full of probiotics.

Water kefir is not as strongly flavoured as kombucha when finished.  For this reason, many customers do a second ferment by placing their water kefir in another jar or bottle and then adding fruit juices or fruit for another 24 hours.

This creates a flavoured probiotic soda that is very tasty!


Why Our Kefir Grains are Great for you! 🥳

✔ Our kefir grains make tasty water kefir; just ask our customers!
✔ No Need To Rehydrate; use right away!
✔ Always Live, Active, Organic, and Always Fresh
✔ Each order comes with a simple and easy-to-use guide.

We guarantee that your organic water kefir grains will be extremely hardy and always fresh!  If they get damaged in transit, we will always replace them. 👌

Your water kefir grains will continue to grow with each new batch. Seeing them multiply is always so beautiful 😭

We want to give you the highest quality grains possible, and that means made with only organic ingredients. 😘

To further help our customers have a great experience, we are always happy to help if you have any questions! 🍁


All orders receive:

Our Water Kefir Quick Start guide to get you up and running in no time!


We are excited about all of your flavour combinations!  In your guide, you will find some suggestions on flavouring.  But we know our customers are very creative, and we look forward to your messages about your ideas and suggestions!



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77 reviews for LIVE Active, Organic Water Kefir Grains with Quick Start Guide

  1. Johanna Pinto Lee

    Great stuff, easy to use and came well packaged

  2. Jeremy

    Water kefir arrived quickly and had a

  3. Janice Launchbury

    My new adventure arrived today! Less time than anticipated! Am so excited. Have got the first batch underway! Fingers crossed for success!

  4. Rebecca

    I love water kefir! The grains arrived in two business days & they look awesome!!!

  5. Naomi

    I am still waiting to see if they grow, but super excited about the service and YUP this is a ligit site! Thrilled with the level of support offered. Takes the guess work out of growing water kiefer grains. I have been trying to grow grains for almost 2 years, and so far never have succeeded to grow the grains.\ they stayed at a small 1/4 cup for the entire 2 years. I will post an update later.

  6. Aidan

    Kefir grains came perfectly in tact on time. Super excited to start fermenting!

  7. Maria

    I highly recommend this company. Shipping and communication is excellent! The water kefir grains are big and healthy, super quality! They already multiplied twice within 10 days.

  8. Maria Bentele

    I have had great success with the milk kefir and the water kefir grains from Kefir Garden. Because I am expanding my little business, I wanted to order more water kefir grains, but they happened to be sold out at that time. Therefore I ordered from a different company, which was a huge mistake. Once Kefir Garden was stock up again I ordered more water kefir grain from them. The healthy big grains arrived quickly! I am very happy with this company! Evelyn is very quickly to reply and is super supportive. Thank you!

  9. Monika

    Purchased water kefir grains from kefir garden without high hopes; I had purchased grains from somewhere else and they did absolutely nothing. Imagine my surprise and delight that not only did the grains from kefir garden work, but they worked really well! I’ve done the double fermentation and it was super tasty with some juice. Trying pure cherry juice this time, can’t wait to try it. I would highly recommend these grains to anyone that ones to try adding some good probiotics to their system.

  10. Iris Otterson

    Kefir Garden made everything easy! My questions were answered quickly and the grains are producing kefir exactly as promised. At present I’m using the water kefir grains but I will be ordering the milk kefir grains soon. This product improved my digestion issues almost immediately. I’m 64 years old and have suffered with candida most of my life. Upon drinking kefir I was amazed and it was as if my body woke healthy up after 50+ years of feeling poluted. God Bless Kefir and these people who provide it!

  11. Michelle

    The best water kefir grains I have tried yet! Over the past 6 months, I have purchased water kefir grains from 3 different (popular!) companies and this is the first one that REALLY worked!! I am so happy with the results. As soon as the grains arrived, they were noticeably larger and smelled like they were working already! They are bubbly and have made the fizziest water kefir I’ve made yet. Thank-you so much a truly great working kefir!

  12. Vipul Patel

    1 packet of grains arrived the next day and the other packet the day after in London, ON. The grains appear to be good, time will tell but so far so good, lots of bubbles.

  13. Laurel

    Received double packed. Took about 10 days to arrive. I immediately opened and put them into their new home with some white cane sugar. By third day they were happily carbonating!

  14. Dawn Newberry

    Very happy with my water kefir grains! The price is great, the shipping was fast and it was packaged beautifully. I will definitely recommend you to others.

  15. Rachelle

    This is my second purchase from kefir garden and I am so happy. I received happy, healthy, kefir grains and also received excellent customer service. Highly recommend

  16. Laura Remme

    I recently embarked on a journey into the world of homemade probiotics with the purchase of water kefir grains from Kefir Gardens, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. From the moment I placed my order, to the exciting day my package arrived, to the invaluable assistance I received in getting started, every step of the process was marked by exceptional customer service and genuine helpfulness.

    First and foremost, the delivery process was seamless. My package arrived promptly, securely packed to ensure the safety of the delicate kefir grains inside. It was evident that great care had been taken to ensure that my order reached me in perfect condition, and I appreciated the attention to detail.

    Upon receiving my package, I was eager to get started but also a bit apprehensive, being new to the world of water kefir. However, any doubts or concerns I had were quickly dispelled by the incredible support I received from Evelyn. Her guidance was invaluable as she walked me through the process of activating my grains, providing clear and easy-to-follow instructions every step of the way.

    What truly stood out to me was the patience and genuine interest ensuring my success. She took the time to answer all my questions, no matter how small or seemingly trivial, and offered helpful tips and suggestions to ensure that I got off to the best possible start. Their passion for their products and commitment to customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction, and it made all the difference in my confidence as a beginner.

    Thanks to the expert guidance and support I received, I’m now well on my way to enjoying delicious, homemade water kefir, knowing that I have a knowledgeable and supportive team behind me every step of the way. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone looking to explore the world of fermentation and probiotics. Thank you, Evelyn, for your outstanding service and unwavering dedication to your customers’ success!


    It’s all really to use and the next day the kefir start to make bubbles, I’m happy to start with my bubbly water. The instructions are so easy to do.

  18. Merissa

    I had never tried water kefir but I had just ordered the milk kefir grain so I thought I might as well try. I was hoping to create something similar to the bubbly Waters going the more natural and health benefit route. As much as I wanted to love the water I found it was just still too sweet. I had great carbonation and great flavor when I added herbal tea bags or fruits, but it still seemed too sweet as I was hoping for more of just a flavored bubbly water minus the sweetness. I’m open for all suggestions to try it again. Customer service is phenomenal and shipping time was very quick coming to BC. I highly recommend the company.

  19. Caroline Urbanski

    Sour cherry, apple and ginger are my favorite flavors. The fermentation process is kind of magic and you get the fizzy. It’s easy, fun, sooo delicious and healthy. This is an alcohol replacement for me.

  20. Derek

    I originally tried shopping on amazon, but most people seemed to buy from two main suppliers that did not have consistently good reviews. I found kefirgarden – half the price with only good reviews. It’s my first time buying so I have nothing to compare it to, but the grains were plump and juicy, doing what they are supposed to do. I’m on my second batch, very happy with my kefir. I asked a quick question of them and they got back to me right away.

  21. Rick

    These water grains look Awesome. First time making water kefir and I am very happy for my purchase,

  22. Vanessa

    So happy the shipping was fast, they look good and I cannot wait to see the magic that is about to happen 😀

  23. Andréa Gaudreau

    The best Water Kefir I have tried. The grains are high quality and large healthy plumps. I ferment the grains every 4 days on average and the kefir is so far has been delicious. It has been my 6 batch of first firmentation (i haven’t tried the second firmentation yet) and works super well. I always have jars clean before new batch. This has been a super experience for a healthier choice.
    I appreciate the excellent service and prompt communication with the owner. Thank you so much for your help and my Kefir garden!

  24. Erika

    Wonderful product! Easy to make, tastes great, and fun to mix with other ingredients to make delicious beverages!

  25. Larry

    Water kefir is a wonderful product since it both enables me to consume more microorganisms than a normal probiotic would and to consume fruit without consuming much, if any, simple sugars like fructose.

  26. Diana Watts

    I was very happy with my water kefir grains. Fast and friendly service

  27. Charla S

    I am so excited! I received my water kefir grains today and I have them started already. Good communication from Kefir Garden has made this purchase smooth. My grains look excellent.

  28. Hamid

    Received in good package and delivered fast, the grains were healthy and professionally packed in special packages. Instruction is on electronic guide buy there are lot in YouTube already. Pleased with product. Thank you Etsy.

  29. Gurmeet Sandhu

    Excellent product and very healthy. It helped improve our drinking habits. We switched from normal water and soda to Kefir water.

  30. Ingrid

    I am new to water kefir still. These came quickly and I have been able to make water kefir without issues.

  31. Raymond

    The water kefir grains seemed to take a long time to arrive. Easy to follow instructions. I am drinking my first batch …. Fresh lemon and ginger. Delicious! So happy with my purchase.

  32. Ellie

    These are great! They arrived to us healthy and we got some good batches of water kefir within a few days of starting the process and feeding the grains.

  33. Liza Kingsbury

    I have ordered both the milk and water kefir grains from Kefir Garden. I haven’t actually used the milk ones yet (They’re in the freezer) but I recently received the water grains and am waiting on coconut water kefir to happen. I’m actually making it for our dogs to help with overall health (the things we do). Fingers crossed that I didn’t mess it up!

  34. Julia

    This was my first time making Kefir. When I received the bag and it looked like it was about to explode, I was worried something was wrong with my grains. When I reached out to support, Evelyn explained this is normal. My first batch tasted a little yeasty. According to the internet the yeasty smell is a sign that the yeast and bacteria in the kefir grains are still getting into balance. With the second batch it’s less yeasty already, so I assume it will only get less over time. I just started a second ferment with raspberries and can’t wait for it to finish. Thanks so much Kefir Garden! I’m a Kefir fan now 🙂

  35. Chris Grellmann

    On my second batch and the grains have worked very well. Evelyn was very helpful in sending a second package after the first one didn’t show up. Great service and would recommend to anyone considering it.

  36. Robert

    Quick service and easy to use, quick reply on a query

  37. Luciana Meirotti

    Wonderful service, healthy kefir 🙂

  38. Linda

    Just received my water kefir grains and cannot wait to try this. I watched the Quick Start Guide and How to Video. This is very informative.

  39. vanessa

    The kefir grains came in the mail in great condition. The grains look healthy. I was able to make my first batch of kefir water with no problems using the recommended amount of water and sugar solution from their instructions.

  40. Walter Wright

    I received my packet of water kefir grains yesterday. I already like the way Kefir Garden presents itself and provides clear instructions. It will be a few days before I can enjoy their product because I don’t have any warm spots in my place.

  41. Kelly

    I was so excited to find not only a Canadian source for water kefir, but someone nearly local (Southwestern Ontario)! The delivery was super prompt and the grains were in great condition and ready to go. The instructions were clear and simple and I just started my third batch this evening. I’ve made one second ferment with cranberry juice and I’m currently trying one with fresh ginger and lime. Super yummy! I’m considering pineapple mango next – so many options! Thank you, Kefir Garden!

  42. Heidi

    We are already making a range of fermented products and wanted to add water kefir to our repertoire. Online instructions are very clear and we found a warm(ish) spot to await our first ferment. It took about 3 days and now we are in the waiting period for the second ferment with some guava juice. We’re super excited about this new project and hope it will help to stabilize our daughter’s newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes.
    I feel confident to recommend this product as it is of a high quality and seems fairly fool-proof (this is after a few failed attempts with water kefir from another company a few years back).

  43. Geraldine Nickerson

    Here I go on a kefir water adventure! My grains arrived yesterday and am excited to get started! As usual, the product and customer service provided by Kefir Garden is absolutely wonderful! My grains arrived in a timely manner and a question I had regarding water kefir was answered very clearly and quickly. What more could anyone ask of Kefir Garden? Wonderful success with milk kefir and am sure water kefir will be equally delicious. Thank you,Kefir Garden!

  44. Gina

    We are so excited about our little buddies (water Kefir grains)!
    I am rebuilding my microbiome after a round of antibiotics left me with a severe anxiety disorder (after looking up this specific popular antibiotic on “askapatient”, I saw that almost every patient review mentioned that the drug caused sudden and severe anxiety and panic)
    I am making homemade 36hr yogurt and sauerkraut to heal, but was very interested in starting kefir as well.
    Then I stumbled across a Reddit thread where people kept touting water kefir as a miracle for anxiety and for healing psoriasis, which my hubby has struggled with all his life.
    I was so happy to find Kefir garden, as the reviews and prices at other sites are abysmal.
    This was the best deal I found after a very long and thorough search.

    I was quite worried when the water kefir was taking 6 to 7 days to arrive, and I contacted Evelyn just to inquire. The kefir did arrive the very next day, but Evelyn took the time to reassure me and answer all my questions. I found the customer service very personalized and professional and I appreciated it very much. The kefir came to life and created a absolutely delicious beverage the very first try and it is growing rapidly. We both absolutely love the flavor and we are looking forward to all the benefits. I highly recommend this seller

  45. Una

    I was delighted to find kefir garden for my recent water kefir purchase. Delivery was free and quick. I also had a question so sent the team an email and Evelyn responded within a few hours. The quick start guide is really helpful and I look forward to experimenting with flavours!

  46. Marie-Helene

    Quick delivery. Great tutorial. So far so good!

  47. Kyla

    The grains were well packaged and arrived more quickly than I expected. Curiously, after leaving the unopened pouch in my kitchen overnight it had expanded to the point where it seemed almost ready to burst. I take this as a sign that the grains are alive and well! I am looking forward to trying them out.

  48. Meenu

    These are the most amazing batch of kefir grains we received! Way better than the ones we got before from a different company and they came with easy to follow instructions! 100% recommend this brand because our grains are growing so well and making lots of fizz!

  49. Lori

    Great service. Started them immediately with easy to follow instructions. Can’t wait!

  50. Heather

    I’m a total newbie to making kefir, but I found the instructions to be simple and clear, and the whole process was much easier than I expected. I used pineapple and ginger juices for the second fermentation, can’t wait for it to complete!

  51. Mano

    I bought milk kefir before and was very happy with the quality of the grain so now i just bought water Kefir. It is well package and the best part is it’s a Canadian business, I always try as much as possible to buy Canadian.
    I have been making water kefir for over 3 years now I love everything about it , its a natural probiotic and it taste good. My favorite recipe is with fresh ginger and turmeric.

  52. Audrey

    I’m really happy with my purchase. great quality Product and AMAZING customer service. Will definitely recommand. Thanks !

  53. Angel

    My water kefir just arrived and the grains look so plump and healthy! Can’t wait to get started!

  54. Jillian

    I ordered these in mid-September and received them in late September. Since then, I have been able to brew a few batches of water kefir. The grains were definitely alive and active. It’s taking me some time to work out the optimal amount of fruit to use in the second fermentation — half a cup, as suggested, seems to over-ferment and I end up wearing more kefir than drinking it when I open the bottle — but I can’t complain about the product I received.

  55. Alisa

    Got my Beautiful chubby grains in the mail within 2 days. ( I live close by) Within 5 days I am already consuming my first amazingly fizzy cherry juice kefir. Took 3 days for first ferment, 2 days for second. I used tart cherry juice. Thanks Kefir Garden I am one very happy customer and so is my tummy. 😀

  56. Joe

    I have tried and am using the milk kefir. Fabulous. So now I am trying the water kefir. So far….. so good. Well, kind of. I second fermented with coconut and found it a bit ‘pale’, then I tried with some crushed blueberries…. not a huge fan. So I have started a new batch and I will attempt another fruit and see how that one turns out. All in all…. thumbs up!

  57. Mark

    Just received my Water Kefir Grains. They look good and fresh. Never tried to make Kefir before and I am looking forward to the first batch and many more afterwards!

  58. Karen E

    I am now waiting for my second batch to mature and have just drank a bottle from my first batch. I like it a lot and I am hoping that this daily fermented refreshment helps my IBS. Evelyn is incredibly helpful and has coached me from start to finish and all the while taking care of her newborn baby. Best customer service ever!!

  59. Cameal

    Just received my water kefir grains, I followed the directions and now I’m waiting….so far so good!

  60. Rose

    The grains I received in the mail rehydrated easily and have been going strong over the past month I have had them. I’ve been having lots of fun experimenting with different flavours. I would recommend these grains for anyone to try.

  61. Amanda

    This is my first time making kefir water and the support has been awesome from the Kefir Garden team. I’ve yet to sample my first batch but I’m super excited and found the process so far very straight forward and the communication excellent!

  62. Reyna Rose

    These babies are so vibrant! They are already making bubbly lively ferments on the first round. SO very happy to be brewing water kefir again. Thanks so much!

  63. James

    excellent service

  64. Bayan

    Making water kefir is not an exact science so i had a few hiccups but I got an excellent support from Kefir Garden’s team. All my questions and concerns were addressed promptly in addition to getting beautiful and healthy grains.
    Overall very happy with my experience!!

  65. Heather

    I have made kefir many times in the past, but decided to get back into it. Water Kefir is my favourite because I believe it is the cleanest. This is a great source of Kefir grains as they are reasonably priced, arrive quickly and the quality of the grains is first rate.

  66. Pierre

    Can’t wait to drink my first batch. It arrived very quickly. It seems so simple. Now i have to decide between cherry, blueberry or raspberry. Why not all 3

  67. Yvonne Boudreau

    This is my second purchase from
    Kefir garden and will not be my last. The communication, packaging, instructions, quality of the product all ensure that you’ll be successful in your kefir making!

  68. ron green

    I took awhile for the grains to cross the country, but when they arrived, amidst the cold of January. They were in wonderful condition ! I had purchased grains before from another company and they were small and dried out looking. These were pump and moist and well sealed in their envelope. Have been working with them for a month now love it !

  69. Kate

    I’m so glad to have found a local, Ontario source for water kefir grains! The price is great in my opinion. The shipping was fast and it was packaged beautifully. I will definitely recommend you to others.

  70. Arthur

    Hmm… when I saw that kefir garden now sells kefir water grains I couldn’t believe my eyes. No more store bought coconut water kefir for this guy! Now I can make my own in the pleasure and comfort of my own home. And the best part? I don’t have to worry I don’t know what I am doing or something doesn’t seem right because Kefir garden has your back! I am still growing my kefir grains before I start experimenting! So far, I am feeling highly ambitious thanks to your support!

  71. Margaret Van Der Heide

    Wonderful sellers! They are so supportive, and their grains are optimum quality! They upgraded my shipping at no extra cost, and even though it took a couple of weeks for my grains to travel across the country, they were packed well enough that even on the first batch they made delicious water kefir! Highly recommended!

  72. Marina Brawner

    I recently purchased the starter kit for the water Keffir and only have positive views.
    Evelyn was very communicative during my purchase, taking the extra time to confirm my address.
    The product was received in a nicely sealed package, 1/4 of grains in great condition. The started quick guide was essential to helping me brew my first batch. Looking forward to purchasing more and highly recommend this product and local company for all your Keffir needs.
    Thank you Kefir Garden

  73. Kim E

    I wanted to add an update to my previous review. It’s been two days now since I bottled up my water kefir with some grated ginger for a second ferment. I tried opening it while it was warm, and realized it was so bubbly it would overflow, so I put it in the fridge for an hour before trying again. Wow – it is really bubbly and delicious. It’s been decades since I’ve had ginger ale, but that’s sure what it reminds me of. Everyone in the family loves it. I’m going to leave it out for a few more days to see how it develops – I am curious to see if the sugars will further digest. Meanwhile, the two jars I started a few days ago on their first ferment are bubbling away. The sun caught one of them in its path, highlighting the golden color and all the bubbles. It was really beautiful. Now I am wishing I had caught it on video to share! It’s been a fun adventure and I am looking forward to seeing the health benefits of drinking it on a regular basis.

  74. Nicolas

    Water kefir first-timer here. After a review of local providers, kefir garden seemed like the better choice.

    I have not been disappointed! I had only one question: I was wondering about the timing of shipping versus the grains’ health. Before I even got to ask, I received an email explaining why they would ship only ship on the nearest Monday in order to avoid having the package waste transit time over the weekend.

    I was delighted to hear this! I received the grains a few days after they were shipped, and got them working right away. That was about 4 weeks ago, and since, those grains have quadrupled in volume and made delicious kefir.

    This happy camper would definitely recommend. Thanks for everything!

  75. Kim E

    So far so good!! This is my first time making water kefir, and it seems quite simple.

    I received my water kefir grains last week and got right to work. I used well water that is filtered with a countertop gravity feed water filter. In theory, the filter doesn’t remove many minerals, but I used a darker turbinado sugar to be certain. We don’t have central heating, so our temps vary a lot in the winter across 24hrs. so I placed the jar inside a stainless steel yogurt incubator / thermos with a little bit of warm water to keep it from getting too cool at night. I let it go for 2 days and couldn’t see or taste any change. Based on an email exchange with the owner prior to purchase, I knew it might take a couple rounds for the grains to “wake up”. So I put the grains in fresh sugar water, and after 24 hours I noticed a couple grains floating on the surface and some bubbles! Based on the temperature chart in the instructions (which is super helpful, thank you!) I decided to leave it for 3 days – lots of bubbles!! The kefir grains have doubled in volume, and the taste is slightly sweet and pleasantly fermented. I bottled the first ferment in a growler with some grated ginger and will see what it is like in a few days. Meanwhile, I now have TWO new jars started, one in my thermos incubator and another on the countertop. It will be interesting to see how they differ.

    I am quite excited to try the final product! I need mine to be quite tart, and I assume the second ferment will eat up a lot of the remaining sugar, but I will make some for my son with fruit in the second ferment to experiment with other flavors.

    I also want to add that I emailed the owner with questions before I placed my order, and she was very responsive. I have no doubt that had I had trouble getting things going (or have questions in the future) she’d be right on it. I love that it is a family business making and selling something that helped them in their own health journey.

  76. Paula Burchart

    I bought both the water and milk kefir granules from this Canadian small business, Kefir Garden. The grains are of the highest quality. I had made water kefir using another brand, but stopped because the fermentation was never effervescent. I was overjoyed to see the bubbles in my bottle after 3 days of the first fermentation using Kefir Garden grains. I have been making kombucha for 12 years and at times the alcohol level, although low, causes me to have hot flashes. The water kefir is just as delicious and satisfying with no unpleasant side effects. Knowing that the majority of your immune system is housed in your gut, drinking active, live probiotics and digestive enzymes is just what you need in a pandemic when your saving grace is, and always will be, your immune system. Thank you Kefir Garden.

  77. Patti

    On my 3rd batch, it has worked really well. Have only done the double fermentation with ruby red grapefruit juice but it is really good and will try some other juices for variety.

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