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Your Quick Start Guide has very important information about temperature, storage, step by step instructions, and FAQs to help you become a kefir making pro!


Please take a look at our Four Part Artisan Kefir Making Course. You can watch the course first.  However, we strongly recommend that you first read the sections about temperature and placement in your quick start guide.  


Part One: Getting Started

From 0:00-1:34

Part Two: Finished Kefir

From 1:35-6:25

Part Three: Kefir Cream Cheese

From 6:26-9:45

Part Four: Overfermented Kefir

From 9:46-14:40

This is our original how-to video.  Please feel free to take a look as it may give you a different visual perspective than the section in the Artisan Kefir Making Course. 

We're here for you

We want you to feel confident that you are preparing kefir correctly.  Along with our Quick start guide we are always available to help. If you have any questions just send us a message!

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