What are Prebiotics?

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What are Prebiotics?


Prebiotics have been gaining popularity over the years and their potential to support our gut bacteria is amazing.

Prebiotics are components of food that support the growth and activity of beneficial microogranisms.

You can think of prebiotics as food that our gut bacteria like to eat.

The most common sources may surprise you.

They are usually found in the parts of food known as fiber. Specifically, soluble fiber.

Examples of prebiotics include oligosaccharides, Fructans, Galactans and Inulin.

These can be found naturally in some plants like onions, garlic, bananas, chicory root, Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus, and also in animal products such as yogurt and kefir.

Researchers report that prebiotics may have positive effects on osteoporosis, diabetes, and colorectal cancer.


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